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We organize Public Convoys

Since the founding of CTN, we have been constantly trying to create public convoys, where we met a lot of other amazing companies, so we somehow got closer to other companies and there are good friendly corporate relations between us, for which we are very happy.

Mandatory Convoys every week

Every week we hold mandatory company convoys, where a lot of employees participate and we are glad that our employees enjoy driving our convoys, where they enjoy a lot of fun!

Our Convoy Control Team

Our company also has its own Convoy Control Team, where our employees report what we are happy for and we hope that in the future we will be able to create our own public convoy with the Convoy Control Team.

TruckersMP Multiplayer

It is a multiplayer for the game ETS2 & ATS, thanks to which we can ride convoys or ride convoys of other companies or just drive and talk. The only this Multiplayer to allow this option!

Our Official Discord Server

Our company also has its own discord for better communication during convoys or their planning. We think that Discord is the best choice for any company. today than other applications. Do you want to connect to our server? Click on the “Discord Invite”

Trucksbook Documentation

Thanks to this application, which is searched just for the management of the company, this application helps us to record all departed deliveries, even if a new employee joins and planning convoys!

Drivers Hub

We are trying to create our own Drivers Hub for our employees and it should be soon, but distance learning and pandemic issues have affected it a lot, we hope to announce it soon. Watch our Discord for more information!

We try 24/7 support

If you have a problem, we try to be always available and help you and solve something as soon as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t work, but we try.

Online Drivers Map

Our company provides an online map of our drivers who are on the road either in ETS2 or also in ATS.

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CTN Hiring Section Managers

Available Languages: (Green = Available)

Czech / Slovakia / English / French / German / Serbo-Croatian / Dutch / Estonia / Polish / Hungarian / Spanish / Norwegian Finnish / Swedish / Danish / Romanian / Italian / Turkish / Portuguese / Russian

Note: For Section Manager you must be in our company.

Almost 3 years of our CTN

Yes, our company would on 10.3. 2021 celebrated 3 years of our company since, but the company was closed, so it is not the official 3 years of our company. The owner or the founder of the company canceled it and on 10.12. 2021 founded this company again. Therefore, do not take this “celebration” of our 3 years seriously, it is only a monument for our company that it was a mistake to dissolve the company! You can find more information in the “About” tab.

CTN 2 Years Anniversary

CTN will celebrate 2 years since its establishment, from the date of 10.12. 2018, when it was founded by the then founder Dante123. We would like to thank all the employees who joined us in the company and helped us get to the very top. We hope you enjoyed a lot of fun and especially that you chatted with new people and maybe made new friends! However, our company now has another step ahead and that we will expand throughout the country and support languages other than CZ/SK. But first, we would like to invite you to the convoy to celebrate 2 years since the founding of CTN. More information on the side picture and also on Discord!

CTN 1 Year Anniversary

We know that there was no public convoy to celebrate one year since the founding of CTN, and we would like to apologize for that. Since we planned it for a long time, but in the end I didn’t have time either, which I’m quite sorry about, but I tried to make up for it in some way for the employees and I think it worked out and we quite enjoyed it. But even so, we hope that you liked us and that you will continue with the company with us and you will be able to continue to support this company! Thank you!

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